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Drew in name
Drew Kearns looking crazy HI!! I'm Drew Kearns
Yes, yes...I'm sure you're saying to yourself:
"Whoopdy Freakin' Dooo" and/or "Now there's a picture of a psycho"
Rest assured, that pic just happened to be taken when I was in a good mood!
Here's a non-psycho pic: Drew Kearns attacked HA HA HA...the's pecking....ha's pecking out MY EYE!!  Ha ha ha....we have fun, don't we?!
Okay, okay, so some may say that my sense of humor falls into the "slightly warped" category...they may be correct. who the heck am I and why are you even reading this??
Put simply, I'm just another idiot with a web site, and you, dear reader, are wasting time reading this when you could be out kicking dandelions or flying a kite or whatever it is normal people do nowadays to have fun.  However, you've already blown a minute or two getting this far down the page, you might as well go whole-hog and bop around the rest of the site a while...who knows, you may find something interesting!!
As for this website, it pretty much didn't change for the first 6 or so years of it's lifespan...mainly due to the large amount of effort and time I put into being lazy.  So, after a few years of thinking about it, I finally got around to updating this thing.
(Which means that I don't have to touch it again for another 5 years or so!!  Yay!!!)
To aide me in my quest to NOT have you write me and say something to the effect of  "Your website stole 10 minutes of my life and I want them back," let it be known that there's probably not anything USEFUL here...unless you are an aspiring pilot and want to get some mild inspiration perhaps.
If for some reason something on this site doesn't work, drop me a line and let me know what happened.  Normally I spend some time checking everything I work on, but there's always some browser out there who doesn't want to play nice.   If you're one of those paranoid freaks out there who turned off allowing javascript to run, then you can probably leave now!  This is a personal page, not a business page, and I'm tired of having to tailor biz web sites to the lowest common denominator of chucklehead web users out there.
NOTE:  Due to the afformentioned laziness (and the fact that I've sent out like 2 emails total in the past 3 years), I've decided to eliminate the "DrewNews Mailing List"
Missing that GREAT intro song/voice thing?  Click here to listen to it.
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