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Drew in name
Okay, you've seen the place, now go somewhere else!
I'll add more links here as they come to mind... Another one of my web sites. It's an experimental site that relies heavily on graphics My buddy Richard Bayless' site about rocks and...uhh...more rocks!! Mike Merritt's rather warped site. I think it's simply a release for his rather warped mind. Glenn and Ray Kreisels personel web sites. Steve Saroff's personal pages. Poetry, stories, and stuff about Steve. Mel Ewing's site that's dedicated to snipers, their weapons, and their art. Heidi Harting-Rex's Biz Site to promote her web site development. He linked to my deep-forest I'll link back to his! From what I can tell, it's a very cool Slovenian artist's site. Half of it is in a language I don't know...but the imagery is fantastic! Actually a personal website, but has become pretty much THE site for stuff about the "Creatures" program/game. My friend Brian is one of those amazing artists who doesn't think in our normal 3 dimensions! Experimental Aircraft Association in the Missoula area If you've ever played HALO, then you'll love these short movies...they're great even if you haven't played the game! Do you like Icelandic music? I do! Go here! The BEST "motivational" (heh!) posters available on the net or off! A style of meditation (that I really ought to try one of these days!) Raytracing at it's finest A very large collection of the strangest stuff you'll ever see A kickass DJ that I dig An experimental Flexportal site that's good if you're in the market for a hunting cabin! A link to a site that I was forced to add in to this list...