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Drew in name
Named after the singer Bjork, this tiny cat was a little terror from Day 1!  She has no regard for rules and when I try to tell her not to do something, she just gives me a snide look and flicks her tail at me (the cat equivalent of flipping me the bird, I think!).   Sometimes she has that look in her eye of "I think I can take him"!  Mostly, tho, she is a wonderful little beastie who always seems to be watching my back for me.   For example, if I seem to spend to much time in front of the computers, she will start bugging me to take a small rest break...and while I'm at it I might as well 'freshen' the food dish a little (she would prefer about every 15 minutes!!).
Here we have a rare photogenic moment for this cat...usually she makes every attempt to walk away from the camera!
Although this LOOKS like a 'cute' pose, she is REALLY wondering, "What's the dumb human up to now??"
Here's classic Bjork: why would she ever drink out of the cat water dish when there's not only water, but possibly fun playtoys, to be found in the kitchen sink!
...and she's STILL wondering what the dumb human is doing!
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