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Drew in name
Dusty was given to me a few years ago by my friends Cynthia and Nicole.  They never really told me why they gave him away, but I'm guessing it is because he likes to sometimes lay on top of you when you sleep...kinda like having a jeep parked on your chest!!   He LOVES to be petted...and will gladly let anyone pet him all day.   Dusty is also one of those 'talking' cats...give him a good scritch behind the ears, and he'll issue a series of happy 'mraaarow's.  The name 'Dusty' comes from the fact that his fur color makes him look like he's covered in dust...which makes it very difficult to photograph him...I'm always thinking that something's wrong with the contrast on my camera!!
"What do you mean I'm NOT supposed to be on the pool table??  Then why is it here??"
"Well, since I'm already up here and as long as your looking at me, you might as well pet me!!"
A favorite activity of all the cats is 'attack the human as he's coming upthe stairs'!!
A happy Dusty helping out on laundry day!!
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