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Drew in name
Imp was given to me against my will when he was quite tiny.   I was initially against taking on another poop machine, but a few days with this 'happy little energetic sausage' and I was hooked!  Quite the go-getter is our little Imp....constantly chasing the other cats...and anything else that moves.  He is a bit of an attention monger, though..and if I'm playing with one of the other cats he always has to check out what were up to...much to the other cat's annoyance!   But they don't mind too much, as Imp is always available for a friendly game of tag!
Imp is always happy to strike a pose for the camera!
"This is MY spot, I'M laying here, and YOU'RE gonna be happy with it, see??"
Here Imp is trying to decide whether to see if he should go get some pets from the human, or if he should find something to attack!
Just checking to see if any fun things are happening at the bottom of the stairs.
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